Konstantinos Oikonomou, PhD, MSc, DIC, MEng, has received his diploma in Computer Engineering and Informatics from University of Patras in 1998. In September 1999 he received his postgraduate degree: M.Sc. in Communication and Signal Processing from the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, Imperial College (London). He received his Ph.D. degree in 2004 from the Informatics and Telecommunications Department, University of Athens, Greece. His Ph.D. thesis focuses on medium access control policies in ad hoc networks.

Since 2006 Prof. K. Oikonomou is a faculty member in Computer Networks (a full Professor since 2021) at the Department of Informatics of the same university. He has also served as Dean of the Faculty of Information Science and Informatics and Head of the Department of Informatics. Between December 1999 and January 2005 he was employed at Intracom S.A, as a research and development engineer. His current interests involve spectral graph analysis, medium access control in ad hoc networks, performance issues in wireless networks, information dissemination, service discovery, facility location, energy consumption in wireless sensor networks and network cost reduction in cloud computing environments.

Prof. Konstantinos Oikonomou has a long experience regarding wireless systems and he has been co-ordinating a number of EC research projects in the computer networks research area and in various local development projects. He is currently member of the editorial board of Computer Networks Journal (Elsevier) and Journal on Future and Evolving Technologies (ITU). He has been a reviewer and TPC member of numerous conferences and journals in the area and he holds an award for the best paper from the Hawaii International Conference on System Service (HICSS 2005) and another one from the IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2021).

See current extended cv (in greek) and short cv.

Email: okon@ionio.gr

Tel.: +30 26610 87708

Student hours: Tuesday, 11:00-13:00 (please send email before to arrange a teleconference session to keep with the Covid-19 regulations)