Brief Description

In the north of the island of Ithaca, Frikes is an idyllic small fish-village that used to be a significant port in old times. It is a quite place that keeps all the quality aspects of the small and distance areas.

Nowadays it serves as a harbour for connecting the north of Ithaca to Leukas and Cephalonia and it is a renowned shelter for boat cruising activities.

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Frikes is small fish-village in Ithaca
shelter for sailors of the Ionian Sea
An idyllic place
for inspiration and self-improvement
An anchor marks this place
over the relaxing sea waters
The remains of the old wind-mill
give another perspective to this place

Navigation Tips and Options

It is recommended to navigate along the harbour and get the feeling of this beautiful and exceptional place. The waters are magnificent and clearly demonstrate its summer-time touch.


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