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The small chapel of Agios Andreas (Saint Andrew) is located in the entrance of the Gulf of Vathy, the main harbor of Ithaca. It is a small chapel but a ew steps behind the remains of an old lighthouse are still there to be seen. In all, this small, romantic chapel looks like guarding the entrance to the harbor.

During its name day (i.e., 30 November), pilgrims arrive to the chapel mostly on boats, thus being an usual sight, even though a common one for the local people of Ithaca.

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The small Chapel of Agios Andreas
in the island of Ithaca
A romantic place
guarding the entrance to the Gulf of Vathy
The old lighthouse's remains
shedding light in past times
Also a place for relaxing
for the present visitor

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It is recommended to enjoy the view around the chapel and particularly the rather strategic position. The sea also gives the sense of romantism.

Going a little bit uphill you can visit the remains of the old lighthouse and please give a minute to think how would have been the life of the lighthouse guards and particularly, of the sailors of past times.


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