Villa Rossa

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Villa Rosa, with its characteristic morphology and bright red color, is a historical building of Corfu, situated in the southwest outskirts of Corfu Town. It is inextricably linked with the local civilization and cultural heritage of the Ionian Islands, combining architectural elements of the Italian Romanticism with features of a British Country Mansion. Its construction started in 1864 by Nickolaos Aspiotis, a talented painter and artist of his time. The Aspiotis Family had a great impact on the local society of Corfu introducing many technological innovations to the island’s industrial life, including the foundation of the first printing factory in the whole of Greece. In 1997 the property was bought by the Greek State. During all this time the Villa Rosa was considered a famous cosmic attraction housing numerous social events. Even members of the Greek Royal Family attended them. Today it is a preserved monument of the 19th century constituting a landmark with great emotional value for the inhabitants of the island.

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