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Given the name, Ithaca is the island that Odysseus longed to return after his marvellous performance in Troy. It is one of the Ionian Islands and closely located to Cephallonia. The past is reach, history and myth are plentiful in this island and today it remains as beautiful as ever. There are many interesting sources for deriving information within the Internet about this island and someone may start from wikipedia.

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Agios Andreas in Ithaca
guarding the entrance to the Gulf of Vathy
Frikes is a small in north Ithaca
shelter for sailors of the Ionian Sea
Rizes Cave in Ithaca
brings back memories of shepherd Eumaios
Vathy, the modern capitol of Ithaca
engulfing the homonymous gulf
Kioni Mills
Kioni Mills

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The navigation at the level of the Ithaca island is to be able to move around the island from a high distance. Given the highlight slides, a user may get more indications about which place to visit next.


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