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Vathy is the capitol of the island of Ithaca. It is a beautiful, traditional town that engulfs the Gulf of Vathy. Its name probably derives from the long in size gulf (vathys).

It has a long history and most of it related to Odysseus and Homerus, thus the two status in the main square of Vathy. It is a relaxing place and a must for recreation coming from a legendary time.

Further information about Vathy may be found in the web site of the local municipality authorities.

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Deep in the gulf lays Vathy in Ithaca
todays capitol of Odysseus' legendary island
Beautiful small houses
engulfing the Gulf of Vathy
Odysseus has left its mark in the island
and the capitol
Homerus is specially honored
for preserving the legend of the place

Navigation Tips and Options

It is recommended to navigate towards the campanile and see the view of the entire island. It will be easy to spot the gulf of Vathy and Vathy at the far side.

Going into the monastery’s complex, have a look at the entrance and then visit the inner yard. Do not miss the double headed eagle (i.e., the emblem of the East Roman Empire) on the floor of the main corridor.


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