Brief Description

Rizes Cave, took its name probably due to the roots (“rizes”) that can be seen within the cave. There are two openings: a small one at the lower level that is basically the main entrance and another one higher that is larger than the previous one.

It is a natural cave hidden within by trees and there is a local legend that this might have been Eumaios’ cave, the homerian shepherd that help Odysseus when he returned to Ithaca.

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Rizes Cave in Ithaca
brings back memories of Eumaios
A small entrance
for this natural cave
An enormous interrior
is revealed to the modern visitor
A magnificent view
from cave's upper open

Navigation Tips and Options

The recommended navigation is to follow the path towards the cave and get a feeling of this special area. In case you are lost as climbing over the slop, have a look on the promo video of this page to get an idea where to go since the entrance to the cave is exceptionally small.


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