Town Hall Square

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The Town Hall Square is defined by a number of important buildings like the theater of San Giacomo, which was named after the Catholic Metropolitan Church of St. James located in the same square as well as the former residence of the Latin archbishop, which today houses a branch of the Bank of Greece.
The San Giacomo building constituted the  Lodge of the Nobles (the Loggia) during the Venetian period and was turned into an opera after 1720, hosting the Italian melodrama performances of the greatest composers of the era, many of which first appeared at San Giacomo and then performed in other theaters.
Today it houses the municipal services of Corfu and is probably the second largest in Corfu meeting point after the Esplanade.

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Starting from the left side of the town hall square you see the famous attractions like San Giacomo , the Catholic Cathedral, and the Bank of Greece etc.


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